Frequently Asked Questions

Through the years, our brides and customers have had very similar questions. We have listed some of the frequently asked questions and our answers below. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do I need to make an appointment to try on dresses?

Walk-ins are always welcome, however we do recommend an appointment (especially on Saturday). You may book your appointment online by clicking the “Book Now” button below that will take you directly to our booking page.

Do you sell dresses off the rack or do they have to be ordered?

Our dresses can be sold off the rack and can also be ordered. We only have ONE sample in ONE size, your measurements are then taken to order the appropriate size. It takes approximately 4-6 months to special order a wedding dress with rush options available for an additional fee depending on the designer. Sometimes our designers have wedding dresses in stock ready to ship but those styles change every day and we will not know what is available until we call. We have a section of bridal gown samples that have been discontinued that are available to be purchased off the rack AS IS at a discounted price. Our bridesmaid dress samples are in only one size and color and must be special ordered. Bridesmaid dresses are made to order and take approximately 3 months with rush options available for an additional fee. Our Mother of the Bride/Groom dresses take approximately 3 months to order but are also sometimes kept in stock for immediate shipping.

What is the price range of dresses in your store?

Special order bridal gown prices range from $700 to $2,000. We have a SALE section of bridal gown samples that have been discontinued and are priced from $199 and up. We do not offer any discounts or promotions on NEW special ordered bridal gowns. Our bridesmaid dresses are priced from $160 to $230, with an average price of $190.

What should I bring to my Bridal appointment?

We suggest you bring photos of dresses in magazines or online that you are interested in. It is sometimes easier to understand what a Bride likes if we can see pictures! You do not need to bring any special undergarments to try on with our dresses. Our dresses are made very well and do not need any extra support underneath. We often suggest that the seamstress sew bra cups into your gown so that you do not need to wear a bra and we have those available in the store to try on with the dresses. You are welcome to bring a pair of heels or shoes that you would like to wear on your wedding day!

How long does a Bridal and/or Bridesmaid Appointment take?

If you are trying on bridal gowns for the first time, a typical appointment will usually take about 1 hour to 1-1/2 hours. We like to give our brides as much time as they need to try on dresses, however we do like to be mindful of time because we do schedule other appointments for the day. If a bride is having a hard time deciding between two or more dresses, we often suggest they “sleep on it” and come back to make a decision. Trying on wedding dresses can be overwhelming and we want you to be happy with your decision and not feel like you were pressured to buy a dress that day. Bridesmaid appointment times can vary depending on the number of bridesmaids you have and where you are in the shopping process. If you are just starting the bridesmaid dress shopping process, we suggest you bring in one or two bridesmaids to come look at and try on different styles. Once you have decided on a style and color, you are welcome to bring in all of your bridesmaids in one group or separately to be measured and place deposits.

My bridesmaid lives out of the state, how do they order their dress?

It is very simple, bridesmaid dresses are ordered based on their measurements (Bust, Waist, Hip). We ask that your bridesmaid(s) go to a bridal shop and get those measurements taken and call them in to us. We are then able to match her measurements with the appropriate size chart and determine the correct size. Alterations are generally needed with all bridesmaid dresses but we try to get the size as close as possible. They are then able to give us the measurements and pay their deposit over the phone.

What size dresses do you carry?

We have bridal gown samples in sizes 4-30, however we only have one dress in one size and color. We have over 200 samples in our store to try on and have a variety of styles in each size. Our bridesmaid sample dress sizes vary each season but we do have a variety of dresses in size 8-16. We only carry one size and color in each bridesmaid dress style, however we can order sizes 2-28.

Do you have a seamstress & how much do alterations cost?

Yes we have two wonderful seamstress who have been doing our customers alterations for many years! They are available by appointment and will meet you at our store for a fitting. We are unable to quote alteration prices but the seamstress is happy to meet with you for a consultation to give you an estimate. Please click here for their contact information.